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Often exclusive, usually limited, and always unique, find Record Store Day releases from years past here! Our knowledgeable and discerning experts a. Dig in! Starting a record collection? Or trying to round out the one you have? Here’s a selection that most people can agree are essential listens.

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Back To Top. This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide songs of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl. All rights reserved copying, broadcasting and the publication of materials from this matrix is possible from the sanction of the owner of the site only.

The collection will be always updated.

The best album to date from the collection of musical safari guides (Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deakin, & Geologist) is also their most accessible & most uniquely.

A matrix number is an alphanumeric code and on occasion, other symbols stamped or handwritten or a combination of the two into the run-out groove area of a phonograph record. This is the non-grooved area between the end of the final band on a record’s side and the label, also known as the run-off groove area, end-groove area, matrix area, or “dead wax”. A matrix number is intended for the internal use of the record manufacturing plant, but they are also studied and documented by record collectors, as they can sometimes provide useful information about the edition of the record.

There are two parts of the matrix number to be considered: the main number , which is usually printed on the label as well, and extra information which can include a cut or take number. Matrix numbers can refer to any of these elements, or all of them combined. The inscription area may also contain record plant codes or logos, the initials or signature of the disc cutting engineer, and cutting or copyright dates, among other things.

How To Find Information On A Vinyl Record

Compared to compact discs and digital music, the vinyl record may seem obsolete. Despite this, there is a hardcore group of vinyl enthusiasts who still collect not only new vinyl records, but older ones as well. If you wanted to sell a vinyl collection or get it appraised for insurance purposes, you must first know how old each record is. On very old vinyl, this may not be easy to tell right away.

RSD DROPS Top of page. IMAGES · Celtic Folklore Live, The Alarm, Twenty First Century Recording Company, LP, RSD Drops Sep 26th,

This is not always as simple an endeavor as it may first seem. The perfect best vinyl record list is as elusive an idea yet we love chasing after it…somewhere in the pursuit is a spirit of curation that we think leads to a better relationship with music overall. This list is by no means exhaustive. We hope that it will create a discussion and you, the reader, will tell us your own picks by tweeting us vinylmeplease. To listen to Animal Collective is an experience. Q: Why is Revolver the best Beatles album to own on vinyl?

The artistic and technical innovation that occurred during the hours of studio time for the Fab Four is as astonishing as it is unmatched, taking place while the band was truly in its prime. After producer George Martin created his own label, the group then had time to develop the album at their own pace without anxious record execs breathing down their necks.

With Revolver, one finds the right band at the right time with everything falling beautifully into place…to not own and know this vinyl record is nothing short of a musical crime. When holding this album in your hands one feels lucky to be a part of it as well. Zach Condon is an artist who can create an album that incorporates instruments like the trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele, accordion, cello, melodica, upright bass, trombone, tuba, and glockenspiel without it sounding like circus music.

The second album from Beirut was inspired by a turn-of-the-century Parisian balloon festival, with each track tied to a different French city, resulting in a musical masterpiece that will remain a timeless piece in your vinyl record collection. Recorded in a non-stop hour session, Thickfreakness is the Akron duo stripped down to their fuzzy-licious, ghost-of-Junior-Kimbrough, dirty blues core.

Damon Albarn is known for a myriad of successes throughout his career that include leading the widely popular band Blur in the s through the early s, as well as his genius work as the unsuspecting leader of Gorrillaz starting in

The best online tools for record collectors

Anyone can submit detail on a sample, which, subject to approval and critique, dating then added to the database for the world to explore. Get started with the most sampled tracks, most covered and most remixed tracks of all time. He left behind a record collection of 25, LPs, 40, dating and thousands of CDs that made musical history — and you can explore it online.

Vinyl DJs, your dating vinyl about to get a dating bit easier. Disco Nest is an online application that grabs the musical vinyl vinyl every record on Discogs, to tell you the key, time signature and crucially BPMs of each track. It also links to YouTube and Spotify where possible as well as giving you online option to buy the records via Juno.

Pre-order the new album by the Atlanta punk band, the Black Lips — available now from Fire Records.

As that brilliant New Yorker cartoon will testify, having a record collection is not without its complications. Whether the expense of the records themselves, or the inconvenience of sorting a fully functioning hi-fi set up, first-timers and experts alike can always do with a helping hand. Discogs is the most essential URL on this list but you probably already know that.

Over the past sixteen years, the site has avalanched into a near-comprehensive discography of six and a half million releases; the knowledge stacked block-by-block by a community of , contributors. Now with the new official App , you can access the database on the go. What that translates as is a peerless archive of turntable, tonearm and cartridge user manuals from Clearaudio to Crosley.

Powered by Discogs, Vinyl Hub is the most exhaustive record shop database out there, with 5, crowd-sourced entries at time of writing. The community also regularly updates listings with closures, which is particularly useful when heading into the sticks. Also check the recordshops. As much a tool for sellers as buyers, Popsike is the grand old lady of record pricing aggregators, pulling data from eBay and online auctions every two days to create a permanent archive of what went when and for how much.

Record Store Day 2020 Spread Across 3 New Dates

This year was supposed to be the final encore for Kiss the Sky, an independent record store in Batavia. Owner Steve Warrenfeltz, 68, thought with one-year-old twin granddaughters, it would be a good time to close up shop and spend more time with them. The annual April celebration of the nearly 1, independent record stores in the United States was first postponed to June.


Introduced by Columbia in , it was soon adopted as a new standard by the entire record industry. Apart from a few relatively minor refinements and the important later addition of stereophonic sound , it remained the standard format for record albums until its gradual replacement from the s to the early 21st century , first by compact discs and then by streaming media.

At the time the LP was introduced, nearly all phonograph records for home use were made of an abrasive and therefore noisy shellac compound, employed a much larger groove, and played at approximately 78 revolutions per minute rpm , limiting the playing time of a inch diameter record to less than five minutes per side. Each side of a inch LP could play for about 22 minutes. Although the LP was suited to classical music because of its extended continuous playing time, it also allowed a collection of ten or more pop music recordings to be put on a single disc.

The use of the word “album” persisted for the one-disc LP equivalent.

52 Essential Albums to Own on Vinyl

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Record Collector is the world’s leading authority on rare and collectable records. Launched in , it is now the UK’s longest-running music magazine.

National Today. Spin music lovers all around the world have disagreements on a number of things, but one thing we think everyone can agree on is that vinyl records are here to stay. Music enthusiast and founder of the first nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the cultural influence of vinyl, Gary Freiberg created National Vinyl Record Day as a way to honor the art behind the music, collecting, and recording.

Also known as a phonograph record, the first vinyl ever created was by American inventor Emile Berliner in the s. By record players were released to the masses, but soon became dominated by the rise of radio. The first cassette was released in and gave vinyl some stiff competition. Because cassettes were more portable and able to rewind, fast forward, pause, play, and stop at the touch of a button, consumers latched onto the new technology. In , the development of the Compact Disc CD began, which nearly drained the vinyl market in From , there was a continued decline in vinyl sales, with only collectors and audiophiles remaining loyal to the format.

Music is the primary vehicle to our fondest memories, Vinyl Record Day is to celebrate and remember them. August 12 is National Vinyl Record Day.

15 Fun Vinyl record storage ideas

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